Legal Requirements

For all types of wedding ceremony both the bride and groom must produce the following original documents:

  • Full Birth certificates-original copies.
  • 10 year passport valid for at least 6 months after the dates of travel .
  • Photocopies of the photograph pages in each passport (including your witnesses passports if applicable)
  • Certificate of freedom to marry -Single Statutory Declaration (or Certificate of No Impediment if you are resident in Scotland or Wales). These documents must be typed, dated and stamped by a registered solicitor, they are also only valid for 6 months so you will need to obtain them less than 6 months before your return flight.
  • If either party is divorced the original copy of the Decree Absolute bearing the court stamp. This document will be retained by the town hall. If the bride has reverted to her maiden name this must be stated in the Single Statutory Declaration.
  • If either party is widowed the original copies of the marriage and death certificates.
  • If adopted-proof of adoption.
  • If either party has changed name proof of deed poll.
  • If under 21-written consent of parent or guardian in sworn affidavit form.
  • For Catholic ceremonies in addition to the above both Bride and Groom should produce
  • Baptism certificates and a letter from their parish priest.
  • For Anglican ceremonies either the Bride or Groom will need to produce a Baptism.
    (Christening) certificate if either the bride or groom is not a British passport holder, the necessary documentation may vary.

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