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    Travel Tips

    By Troodia Panagiotou, Local expert
    01.06.2016 | City , Hotel , Outgoing , Active , Travel

    The awesome thing about working in the hospitality industry is that you get to travel quite a bit and stay at a host of different hotels.
    Below you can find some of the most important tips to ensure a smooth experience.
    Try to be flexible
    Always add 1 or 2 days as a kind of buffer zone when booking a holiday; no one wants or expects anything to go wrong but it does occasionally happen, and most important of all is to be patient!
    Learn some common phrases of the local language
    You’d be surprised how far a simple “Hello” or “Thank you” can go with the locals.
    Always have copies of important documents
    Make photocopies of your passport/s and keep them in a different bag to your actual passport. This way you have some form of identification if your passport is somehow lost.
    Speak to your bank before travelling
    It is a good idea to inform your bank you will be abroad; this way you can avoid your credit card and/or bank account being put on hold due to suspicious activity.
    Tipping is your friend
    Small tips are extremely appreciated, from your local taxi driver to your hotel's bellboy. It makes people friendlier and you can find out tidbits of information like the best places to go eat, the best beach spots, etc.
    Inform someone at home of your whereabouts
    This is mostly if you are travelling alone; it is a good idea to let a family member know where you will be in case of emergencies, along with the hotel’s contact information and your room number.

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