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    Theoni  Papaiacovou

    My day out in Old Nicosia

    By Theoni Papaiacovou , Local expert
    20.05.2016 | City , Outdoors , Culture , Exploring
    My day out in Old Nicosia

    Today started with me getting up at around 7am to get ready for the day ahead. I packed and had breakfast, and then I walked to the beach to grab the intercity bus to Nicosia. The bus left at 9am and we arrived sometime around 10:20. I then took a city bus towards the apartment I rented and had to look a bit to find the right street. The landlady showed me the studio; it was quite small but had everything I needed, and by everything I mean air conditioning. Nicosia is not on the coast and is even hotter, at around 38 degrees Celsius; air condition is a must have.  It took me about 20 minutes to get into the old city by foot and I needed a while to orient myself... Read More
  • 4 Nicosia
    Alex H. Panteli

    Curium Archaeological Site

    By Alex H. Panteli , Local expert
    20.05.2016 | Nature , Culture , Exploring
    Curium Archaeological Site

    A listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient city of Curium was once a thriving settlement found on the south-western coast of Cyprus near the modern day city of Limassol. These ruins, dating back to before the Roman period, have been wonderfully preserved and are a fantastic place to visit for a day out. There is everything on exhibit, from the beautiful amphitheatre and residential houses, to the public baths and the stadium used for running events. The area is littered with beautiful mosaics depicting the particular area they are in. For example, the House of Achilles has several mosaics showing the history of the hero Achilles while the baths area has several... Read More
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